Monday, April 4, 2016

Tricks How To Save HP Logged Into The Air

Smartphone is now a necessity for people in this modern era. Smartphones are not only used as a means of communication, but also used for other purposes such as playing games, menontonb video, browsing the Internet, and other activities as well as to predict the weather around. With the many advantages it's no wonder when a device that is used most.

Excess linnya of smartphone devices is resistant to water at a depth and time specified when in the water. But to get the smartphone device users certainly have to spend more given to the certification waterproof smartphone is priced more expensive.

But for smart phones that do not have a certificate of anti water will certainly be more vulnerable to damage due to go into the water. Besides vulnerable to damage due to water, mobile phones are also easily damaged when the collision occurred. So therefore it is better if the user to keep AGR smartphone devices they use do not get into the water and impact. But when your smartphone device into the water, it helps apbila you know the tricks how to save hp that get into the water.

Here's How to Save HP Entering In Water

The first way to save hp or a cell phone into the water is to immediately turn off the device. When you use smart devices into the ir, then the first step you should do is to immediately turn it off. It is very worthwhile to prevent things that are not desired as the konseleting on the device that can lead to damage to the hardware components inside.

After immediately turn off the device, how to save hp coming into the next water is to remove components on the phone that can be removed. For components removable device typically includes batteries and well casing. It is very useful to assist in removing the water that goes into your device. Besides removing the detachable component can also help prevent water trapped inside the device.

How to save hp that get into the water next to the drying and drying. After doing two things this way is also obliged to do so there are no short-circuited on your device. For drying, you can take advantage of sunlight or can also use tools such as a blower or even a hairdryer to process faster. After the drying process is complete then you can try to revive. But keep in mind make sure that your phone device to dry completely before dihiduplan back.

The last one in this discussion is to remove the sim card and memory card as soon as possible. The second component of this one is also prone to damage when exposed to water. Therefore, to avoid damage to the second case, it is better to take off immediately and dry.

Thus was some way that you can do when your phone into the water accidentally. For more safe, if your hp device can not turn on, it's good to take him straight to the nearest repair to repair if there are damaged components exposed to water.


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